3 Ways To Keep Your Aging Parent's Safe At Home

If your parent is fully capable of taking care of their own needs but is struggling with age-related difficulties, you may be wondering how you can help to keep them safe and healthy in their home. Below are three simple ways you can help your aging parent while still giving them the space to live the life they love.

Get Friendly with Your Parent's Neighbors

While you'd love to be available for your parent 24/7, for many people, that isn't possible. To ensure your parent's safety, and to provide you with peace of mind, consider networking with your parent's neighbors.

Neighbors can keep an eye on your parent's home from afar and call you with any concerns. If there are any neighbors who're willing to help in a more active way, your parent may benefit from visits and frequent contact. You'd be surprised how many people are willing to help their elderly neighbor once they become acquainted. If there aren't many neighbors in the area, consider hiring a home health aide to check in with your loved one regularly.

Provide Them with the Modifications and Equipment They Need

There's nothing wrong with needing modifications in order to live your daily life. As your parent ages, they'll likely need more help and certain home modifications and equipment to keep them living the independent life they're used to.

It's important to talk with your parent about the issues they're facing and ask them how you can help. Certain tools, such as grippers, can be easily obtained and make a world of difference in your parent's day-to-day life. Other modifications, such as support bars and walk-in tubs, require a bit more planning and may be obtained through your parent's insurance company.

Give Them the Emotional Support They Need

While physical aspects of aging are usually the most obvious, aging can take an emotional toll on people, too. It's important you lend your parent a friendly ear, and if necessary, professional help.

Even if you're busy, a simple weekly tea with your aging parent can provide them with the emotional support and help that they need. Frequent check-ins can also help you to see how your parent is doing and whether they need additional support throughout their day. While it may seem strange to provide your parent with emotional support, especially since they are the one who provided you with the support for your entire life, the support you provide can be the difference between a happy and healthy elder and an elder who is emotionally struggling and depressed. Since it can be difficult to provide all of the support on your own, hiring a home health companion or aide can be beneficial for both you and your aging parent.

It can be difficult to watch your parent age, but with the right supports in place, your elderly parent can continue to live the independent and happy life they deserve. Contact services like GENACTA Home Care for more information and assessment help.