Staying Home While Recuperating From An Injury: Support Services To Make Recovery At Home Possible

When you are an older person, you may have more trouble recuperating from an injury at home. When your abilities were already diminished, suffering an injury can put you in the nursing home for rehabilitation. If you are an active person, and if you don't want to recover in a nursing home, you have some options. While you may have to pay for some services out of pocket, staying at home while you get better is usually worth the money. With the services available for seniors trying to remain at home, you can find the help you need and stay in your own home at the same time.

The Visiting Nurse Association

Most areas in the United States have a Visiting Nurse Association. When you need help changing dressings, or you have intravenous medication, visiting nurses are there to help. While they aren't going to provide you with care 24 hours a day, they will come to your home to provide nursing care so that you can remain in your home. The Visiting Nurse Association, or VNA, is certified by Medicare to provide services to housebound individuals in their home who need nursing care. As long as your doctor makes the determination that health care in your home is necessary, Medicare should pay for the cost of having a visiting nurse come to your home to take care of you.

Additional Home Care for Basic Living Needs

Medicare might also pay for part time home care to help you bathe, prepare meals, and do laundry, as long as you are also receiving skilled nursing care in your home. If you need more than part time care, you can also contract with a home care agency to get the help that you need. While all of your care may not be covered by Medicare, you can still find the help if you are willing to pay for it. Many people have family members or friends stay with them overnight to help with basic needs while they are recovering when they live home alone. 

A physical therapist, occupational therapist, and even a skilled medical social worker can provide services to you in your home when you are homebound. Make sure that you tell your treatment providers of your plan to recuperate from your injury at home. When you are clear with your doctor about your desire to go home, this can make a transition to your home much easier. For more information, contact a business such as Caring Health Care Solutions.